Prohormones Now. After the ban in 2012

If you’ve been in bodybuilding long enough, there’s a very high chance you already heard about Prohormones. You might be wondering what prohormones are: are they steroids? Are they legal? And do they even work?

Prohormones, are in a sense, precursors to steroids. They are hormonal products. Most prohormones contain compounds that convert into steroids after you ingest them. That’s what makes them legal, and the reason so many companies can get away with it.

Banned / Available PH

The FDA has been chasing these prohormone companies for years and years, gaining one after another, ending with what was probably the saddest moment in the prohormone industry: the superdrol ban in 2012.

Some of the best Prohormones include Superdrol, Finaflex, Tren, and Halodrol. There are many “designer steroids” that are available today. Some are dangerous, some work, and some just aren’t worth the risk.

That is a big reason we started this website: to provide real world feedback and prohormone reviews from actual users to help you make the best decision when deciding to cycle a prohormone.

Many Prohormones, because they raise testosterone levels also raise estrogen levels and as a result can cause serious estrogenic side effects. Some of these side effects can include gynecomastia, bloating, water weight, acne, aggression and hair loss. Also, many prohormones are methylated, so they can really be hard on the liver (see non methylated prohormones)

There are many prohormones supplements for sale all over the Internet. Because they can be so effective and so cost-efficient, they are a very popular choice for many bodybuilders.

However, the problem starts when amateurs who know nothing about steroids decide to do a cycle and end up with very harsh side effects. They also tend to lose the majority of their gains and in some cases, and up further behind than when they started.

That’s why having a very good PCT is critical following any cycle that you do. A post cycle therapy is basically a collection of compounds, nutrients, and vitamins to help combat raised estrogen levels and help your hormones return back to normal levels. Finding the best PCT for you is often a very difficult choice and often requires a lot of research.

From Wikipedia:
“The use of prohormones has become popular among bodybuilders, since the effects can be similar (though normally much less drastic) to those achieved through the use of synthetic anabolic steroids, including gains in muscular strength and hypertrophy. There are currently many companies manufacturing prohormone products for this purpose.”

Prohormones Vs Steroids

Prohormones vs steroids… is there really a difference? That’s what we are going to talk about today.

Basically, prohormones ARE steroids. They have a chemical structure that makes them a precursor to hormones. They’ll give you all the effects of steroids, as well as all the side effects.

There really is no difference in my opinion, since prohormones convert to steroids once inside the body.

Here are a few things to consider:

PH Supplements are going to cause just as much damage if not more than most oral steroids. Because they’re passing through the liver, it is forced to overwork which means you shouldn’t use them for longer than 4-6 weeks at a time.

A lot of changing the laws on prohormones. They used to be more readily available, and you could even get Superdrol at places like Now they seem to be getting harder and harder to get a hold of.

Prohormones actually work just as well if not better than many oral steroids, and are known to produce amazing results.

Because prohormones are not YET steroids, this makes them more readily available because of legal loopholes. So, if you are considering prohormones for yourself, keep in mind that you should do your research and have a proper post cycle therapy ready to go for your cycle.

Prohormones are no joke and are to be taken just as serious as real anabolic steroids.

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